The Gangs of Lion City

A Partnership for Community-driven Projects

  • CIP-68 Conversion

    Secure your project's future with a new policy number and royalty wallet address on the blockchain. Ownership in its truest sense.

  • Artist Collaboration

    Allow our talented artists to rejuvenate your project with new trait designs, bringing fresh life into your NFTs.

  • Focused Expansion

    Introduce new traits without the need to create new NFTs. Maintain the exclusivity of your supply while continuing to innovate.

  • Staking and Leadership

    Build a powerful gang under the leadership of your lion. Our unique staking mechanism for gang members, combined with our innovative tokenomics, ensures enhanced earning potential for all.

  • Holiday Trait Airdrops

    Enjoy special trait airdrops from Lion City as a token of our partnership and camaraderie.

  • Dedicated Communication

    Each project gets access to a community announcement channel, making it easier to highlight events and share updates within the larger Lion City community.

App Version Beta 0.3