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Lucky Lions

$Mane Token

Lion City's Mane Currency

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Cardano ScanTaptools




Staking Service

Earn $Mane





Earn $Hexo



Ape Society


Earn $Soc



Cardano Crocs

Living Lands

Earn $C4

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Foo Dogs


Skull and Mane Society

Lion City Executives need YOU!

  • -Physical Products
  • -Health Supplements Brand
  • -Product Manufacturing

We are dedicated to Community governance!

You need 20 Lucky Lions

and / or

Foo Dogs to join the Executives of Lion City!


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Driver License
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Lucky Lions Are Hitting the High-Way Q3 2024!

  • -New Founders
  • -New Goals
  • -New Direction

Our OG Lions are in for a major art upgrade! This marks the final transformation into Lion City!

Join Our city and take the cruise down High-Way 68

The Gangs of Lion City

A Partnership for Community-driven Projects

  • CIP-68 Conversion

    Secure your project's future with a new policy number and royalty wallet address on the blockchain. Ownership in its truest sense.

  • Artist Collaboration

    Allow our talented artists to rejuvenate your project with new trait designs, bringing fresh life into your NFTs.

  • Focused Expansion

    Introduce new traits without the need to create new NFTs. Maintain the exclusivity of your supply while continuing to innovate.

  • Staking and Leadership

    Build a powerful gang under the leadership of your lion. Our unique staking mechanism for gang members, combined with our innovative tokenomics, ensures enhanced earning potential for all.

  • Holiday Trait Airdrops

    Enjoy special trait airdrops from Lion City as a token of our partnership and camaraderie.

  • Dedicated Communication

    Each project gets access to a community announcement channel, making it easier to highlight events and share updates within the larger Lion City community.

Lion City




Hemp CBD Products coming soon!

Join our discord for a chance to try these products early!

Lion City


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Lion City Whitepaper


In this section, we will provide a brief overview of Lion City's journey from its inception to its current state. This historical perspective will help readers understand the project's evolution and the principles that have guided its development.

Genesis of Lion City

Lion City traces its origins back to a project known as Lucky Lions. In March 2022, 8888 lions were minted on the Cardano blockchain, marking the inception of our venture. However, the emerging bear market brought forth unforeseen challenges that led to the original founder's departure from the project, citing personal reasons. In the face of this pivotal change, a group of unwavering community advocates stepped forward with a collective determination to preserve the project's spirit. Guided by their dedication and a shared commitment to our goals, we embarked on a transitional phase. During this transformative period, a new leader emerged—one infused with a fresh vision. This leader shared an unyielding focus on our common objectives: the fusion of blockchain and cannabis industry communities within a vibrant, inclusive environment. It was in this moment that Lion City found its inception. The genesis of Lion City signifies a significant chapter in our journey—one marked by resilience and determination. These qualities have paved the way for a distinctive and flourishing ecosystem.

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